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Kleysen has come a long way from its humble beginnings in 1935. Family values and a commitment to their people sustained the company’s growth through decades of change. Founded by Harry and Marguerite Kleysen, the company started as a Cartage Company hauling feed for the horses of the Toronto Police force. After relocating to Winnipeg, founder Harry Kleysen, who had experience in construction, grew his business through the transportation of construction materials.

With over eight decades in transportation, Kleysen Group is an integral part of western Canada’s distribution chain. The name Kleysen is well known in the bulk, deck, intermodal, and distribution services sectors, acting as a logistics arm for its customers through its experience in trucking, rail, logistics and commodity-handling.

Founded in 1928 under the name Metropolitan Feed and later Kleysen in 1935, Kleysen Group was a family-oriented company at its core, with its customers as an extension of that family. A niche market player, Kleysen focuses on providing exceptional, cost-efficient distribution system solutions for its selected clientele. It was a similar corporate culture that attracted the Mullen Group to purchase Kleysen in 2006 as a strategic augmentation of the group’s trucking and logistic segment.

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